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[Forum Event]Find the Coordinate

Hello! i would like to host this event. This event will be
In this event i will post a screenshot with a place of my choice and I will delete/block the coordinates. You have to find the place and post SS in this thread with your character and the coordinates. First one to do will win.

- Everyone can join to this event.
- There is no limit to your wins.
- Do not double post.
- No Editing of entry.
- You can not use more than 1 forum account.
- To join you must write character name, map, coordinates and upload SS with coordinates,
use or
- The first person who found the coordinates correctly will win.
- You can not delete or edit your post.
- if you violate any of this you will be disqualified from that round.

•500 Credits + 2 DMU POINTS


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