DestroyMU Season 3 Episode 1

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Easter Promo

Hello everyone,

We would like to present Easter Promotion to all players in our server. Causes are many: coming spring and summer season in most countries, graduation, vacations and holy week. Of course to most countries is different reason, but we are still happy to give out this promotion and hope you are happy to see it too.

[25% discount rate on Items @ WebShop]
* Total = 25% Discount for each item price.

[S3 Special Packages]
- Get 4.000 Credits + 1500 DMU Coins for each special packages that you will be purchasing

[Mastery Grade Ancient]
- Get 8.000 Credits + 3000 DMU Coins for each special packages that you will be purchasing

[Paypal, Bank Transfer and SMS Bonuses]
- Paypal 25% Bonus for each DMU & Credits donation bundle. (the bonus is added manually after your donation - within only few hours and sometimes instantly)

Recently Added!
[SMS Bonuses]
- Free bonus: 25% Credits for each price point

Promotion is valid from 28.April and Finish in 6.May !!

Happy Easter everyone and god bless!

Your sincerely,
The DestroyMU Team**

Currently this is only one server.